Welcome to Black Ops 3!!!

Black Ops 3 in my Opinion is up with the top 3 best COD games ever made. In Black Ops 3 they bring back a feture that was in one of their previous games, a boost jump. Including the new boost they also added a new ability called wall running. With the new wall runnning method you can sneek up on your enemies and escape in a new and faster way!!! There is a new campaign and the zombies story continues with a total of 5 new zombies maps. Sadly though with the release of their new game coming up they end the zombies story line that we all loved and most have played since World at War. For now the Black Ops games are cut right now. We do not know if they are making Black Ops 4 or even another game that isnt related to newest. The best games are:

  • Black Ops 1
  • Black Ops 2
  • Black Ops 3
  • Black Ops 3 was Really Good. They even Tried to be funny for a Taunt when you win you can Dabb!!

    As you can see Zombies was a thrilling Game Mode that many People played for Hours! A couple of hardcore Youtubers even played for Days!!