My Dream Job!!!!

My dream job would have to be a FIREFIGHTER

FireFighters Rule!!!!!!

These are firefighters in work

Here's the risks in this job:

  • Smoke inhalation
  • Severe burn
  • Falling Debris

Or you can just read a couple of these cool facts on Firefighting:

  • They make an hourly rate of $34.50
  • If you work overtime than you can earn an annual of a little bit over $400 thousand a year
  • Even if you dont work overtime, you can still earn $71,030 a year
  • Finally you only have to work about 3-4 days a week
  • And for you try hards out there California is a great place to be a Firefighter Since this is Earthquake Country, and we are in a drought so we have big brush fires out there, so when you work in those big fires you start rolling in the big bucks
  • School Education Required:

    *High school education and Diploma or equivalent

    *EMT training

    This luck fella got his EMT certificate and is probably feeling very good about himself

    Types of Companies who Hire

  • National Forest Rangers
  • Private Companies, such as"The U.S government"
  • HealthCare companies, armed security
  • Private Protection officer
  • Any state/city that needs the help due to fires in their state
  • Why I am Interested in this Job????

  • It is the coolest job out there. It appeals to our childhood memories.
  • You only have to work about 4 days a week
  • I love being part of a team
  • The brotherhood you belong to
  • Driving to the fire or just a false alarm with the sirens on and me just blasting the horn
  • These are real Brothers!!!

    This is what it means to be a firefighter