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In my local residence of North Hills it is a very nice neighborhood. It is not the best city. We have our share of poverty,homelessness, and criminal activity. But it is still ok to play in the front yard as long as there is more than one individual out there. I remember two years ago on my birthday my friends and I were sleeping in my backyard in a tent and just playing videogames on a projector. When we were finally trying to fall asleep there was a helicopter not just any helicopter a police helicopter. It was chasing a man or a man in a car chase. The fugitive or soon to be fugitive was very close to my house. The helicopter circled and circled until the man finally started running. Luckily the man ran away from my house. But we still can hear police sirens or ambulance around my house.

Sometimes it worries me because there are police sirens and ambulance sirens so close to my house. I remember one time I said “I think they are coming to our house”, since it was so close. The tension between police and citizens are rising so anything can happen when i see police and ambulance I can interpret it as a shooting.

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